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No le permiten a Alma visitar a Martinelli

koky 14 28/10/2016 @ 12:00 AM Politica


El segundo tribunal superior de justicia nego la peticion de Alma Cortes de viajar una vez al mes a Miami. Por lo que no le sera posible visitar a su jefe Ricardo Martinelli.

(La Prensa) En una resolución fechada el pasado 14 de octubre, los magistrados Wilfredo Sáenz y Manuel Mata Avendaño (suplente especial) concluyeron que ese despacho no tiene competencia funcional para pronunciarse sobre este tema, ya que, primeramente, debió presentarse ante el Juzgado Cuarto Penal, en el que se encuentra radicado el proceso que se le sigue a la exministra por la presunta comisión del delito de enriquecimiento injustificado

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esa foto fue antes de mamarle la pinga y culiarsela en el sillon

anonimo 29/10/2016 11:17 AM Votos: 10




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She had seen Agnes, she told me while she was toasting. 'Tom' hadtaken her down into Kent for a wedding trip, and there she had seenmy aunt, too; and both my aunt and Agnes were well, and they hadall talked of nothing but me. 'Tom' had never had me out of histhoughts, she really believed, all the time I had been away. 'Tom'was the authority for everything. 'Tom' was evidently the idol ofher life; never to be shaken on his pedestal by any commotion;always to be believed in, and done homage to with the whole faithof her heart, come what might.

The deference which both she and Traddles showed towards theBeauty, pleased me very much. I don't know that I thought it veryreasonable; but I thought it very delightful, and essentially apart of their character. If Traddles ever for an instant missedthe tea-spoons that were still to be won, I have no doubt it waswhen he handed the Beauty her tea. If his sweet-tempered wifecould have got up any self-assertion against anyone, I am satisfiedit could only have been because she was the Beauty's sister. A fewslight indications of a rather petted and capricious manner, whichI observed in the Beauty, were manifestly considered, by Traddlesand his wife, as her birthright and natural endowment. If she hadbeen born a Queen Bee, and they labouring Bees, they could not havebeen more satisfied of that.

But their self-forgetfulness charmed me. Their pride in thesegirls, and their submission of themselves to all their whims, wasthe pleasantest little testimony to their own worth I could havedesired to see. If Traddles were addressed as 'a darling', once inthe course of that evening; and besought to bring something here,or carry something there, or take something up, or put somethingdown, or find something, or fetch something, he was so addressed,by one or other of his sisters-in-law, at least twelve times in anhour. Neither could they do anything without Sophy. Somebody'shair fell down, and nobody but Sophy could put it up. Somebodyforgot how a particular tune went, and nobody but Sophy could humthat tune right. Somebody wanted to recall the name of a place inDevonshire, and only Sophy knew it. Something was wanted to bewritten home, and Sophy alone could be trusted to write beforebreakfast in the morning. Somebody broke down in a piece ofknitting, and no one but Sophy was able to put the defaulter in theright direction. They were entire mistresses of the place, andSophy and Traddles waited on them. How many children Sophy couldhave taken care of in her time, I can't imagine; but she seemed tobe famous for knowing every sort of song that ever was addressed toa child in the English tongue; and she sang dozens to order withthe clearest little voice in the world, one after another (everysister issuing directions for a different tune, and the Beautygenerally striking in last), so that I was quite fascinated. Thebest of all was, that, in the midst of their exactions, all thesisters had a great tenderness and respect both for Sophy andTraddles. I am sure, when I took my leave, and Traddles was comingout to walk with me to the coffee-house, I thought I had never seenan obstinate head of hair, or any other head of hair, rolling aboutin such a shower of kisses.



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callate maricon arrastrado del call center tortuguista

anonimo 05/11/2016 09:46 PM Votos: 0

mejor largate y ve a mamarle la gaver a tu estupida tortuga, puto soplavela


Bueno Camacho

anonimo 29/10/2016 03:49 PM Votos: 0

Te tocará sacarle la chele a Martinelli.


esa foto fue antes de mamarle la pinga y culiarsela en el sillon

anonimo 29/10/2016 11:17 AM Votos: 10




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En el 2019 van amoler vidrio con el pecho.
El CD volverá a ganar.
y son otros los que estarán presos.
Y si no es así, ¿por qué algunos ya estan buscando asilo político?
¡Ya se supo!
No hay duda alguna que irán presos.



anonimo 28/10/2016 01:15 PM Votos: -2



Ricardo Martinelli.

anonimo 28/10/2016 11:30 AM Votos: 1

Voy a Ricardo Martinelli.......que pinga. Esta gobernabilidad fue un atraso.

ombe vas a porco loco?, gobernabilidad pa q?!!

anonimo 29/10/2016 06:34 AM Votos: -5

y declaraste xq vass a porcuman...
ombe sucia cha q assco eres sifilitika ever gawww



anonimo 28/10/2016 09:44 AM Votos: 0


Much hot oinq , oing

anonimo 28/10/2016 06:40 AM Votos: 1

Burg burg oinq oinq , much hut much hut . Traducción Varela no me deja ir a Miami a ver a mi amo

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